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A talent philosophy: people-oriented, expertise and resources; talent first, after the benefits. Provide unlimited arena, creating space for development; 

Second, employing principles: capable, under the commonplace, the levels were so. Because things Shegang, because post employment, personnel affordable; 

Third, competition principles. "Four regardless": regardless of age, regardless of seniority depth, regardless of the identity of employees, regardless of length of service. "Three": competition for information disclosure, competitive selection process is open, fair competition results. "Three": Target mission strong, strong operational capabilities, strong performance results. "A Hardware": see job performance. 


Fourth, is the job requirements. Code of Conduct: Director, clean. Attitude: creative thinking, creative learning, creative work. Assessment criteria: a performance of Heroes. Managers Requirements: advocate, new things I saw this new concept, new achievements creator. 


Fifth, is the employment mechanism. Three systems: contract labor relations, management personnel employment system, dynamic management of normal system. Three energy: staff can be hired, promoted or demoted duties assigned much energy can be less. 

Six, is distribution mechanism. Three words: efficiency determine the allocation of the total, job allocation criteria decision, decided to allocate the level of performance. Seven, is training mechanism. For long a high-quality workforce, enterprises must attach great importance to the training, said: half business enterprises, half of the school. Often accompanied by learning enterprise, the whole knowledge workers. Working timely training, the training also benefits. Training is not the original center profit center. No training, no posts, failed to laid-off; no refresher training, will be left behind; do not learn, will be left behind.

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